Delta Scan Suggests White Cloud Shotgun Tips to Boost Vapor

White Cloud is the famous e cigarette brand that is considered ideal for the smokers say experts. The shotgun tips are used to increase the vapor of e cigarettes.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- E cigarettes have always been preferred over tobacco cigarettes as they are free of tar, smoke and produces great vapor. The e cigarette brand White Cloud offers some great products to smoker’s .One of the featured product is shotgun tips. The tips are used to increase the vapor and mix flavors. With Shotgun tips being introduced in the market, different flavors can be combined to enrich the smoking experience.

Shotgun Tips of e cigs are available in a pack of 3 barrels. The pack includes first, second and third barrel. Single barrel increases the vapor performance; second barrel is used to mix two different flavors and produce high vapor volume. For the smokers who are choosy about the flavors and need a different taste can even try to mix 3 different flavors in the third barrel. Single barrel gives smokers a smooth feel against the lips as it protects the lips from hard cylindrical battery. Double Barrel provides two different flavors at the same time with almost double amount of puff. Third Barrel takes vaping e cig to a new level as the smokers can themselves chose the great flavors and design their taste as per the needs.

The shotgun tip is priced at $9.95. The flavors that can be combined in the shotgun tip are Peach, Apple, Bora Bora, Lime and Coconut, Mint Berry, Diablo, Apache, Menthol, Moscow Mule, Snap, Espresso, Vanilla, Chocolate, Clove, Strawberry, Kick, Stealth Draw. Great Vapor because of Shot gun tips helps smokers to review White Cloud as the best e cig brand. The brand uses SmoothDraw cartridge that gives 400 puffs of thick rich nicotine vapor and with the shotgun tips, the vapor can be further enhanced. The brand ambassador Chuck Bock said “shotgun tips are great fun, I love mixing flavors and seeing what it tastes like. I also love locking and loading 2-3 flavors and blowing out huge white clouds every once in a while”.

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