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E cigarettes are getting popular due to many reasons like cost effectiveness, ash free. The best part is that, it is user friendly as well as does not affect much as traditional cigarettes. ElectricCigaretteOffers.com provides all the useful insights about the latest trends in the e-cig market.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- E cigarettes are indeed considered as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. A traditional cigarette derives less satisfaction and is even costlier than e-cigarettes. Smell of the cigarette is a big issue for the people who don’t smoke. Cigarettes smell! Its their hallmark, but e-cigarettes have brought transformation which has created its demand in the market whereas when one smokes traditional cigarette, the properties from their substances gets into the hair, furniture etc.

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On the other hand, e-cig’s smoke vaporizes and that too without smell. Inflation is going high day by day. If the product has to survive in the market it has to fulfill the demand. It gives neck to neck completion in the market. The structure of e-cigarettes is very simple. Its common components are liquid delivery and container system, an atomizer, and a power source. It is a portable device which has rechargeable battery which gives benefit of carrying it to anywhere.

Wells Fargo financial analyst predicts that US sales will double this year, going up to $1.7 billion. This shows the demand for e-cigs. It is not only famous through online websites or television but more through mouth publicity and feedbacks as reviews of costumer say “it is the best substitute to smoking”. The young generation is mostly demanding it on a larger scale. About 4.7% jumped from smoking tobacco to e-cigarettes in 2011 and it was 10% in 2012. Smokers can take full advantage of this product as this creates no problem to passive smokers. Many times passive smokers face the problem as they are unable to get fresh air and as a result people who smoke less socializes in groups. However, as everything has solution, e-cigs don’t have any social stigmas. E-cigarettes provide an authentic smoking experience. According to the reviews of customers, majority are now socializing more while they smoke and surrounding members do not face any difficulties.

With the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, it is evident that more and more number of people will shift to this type of smoking alternative.

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