Digital Freedom Allows Users to Reviews a Movie to Prevent Anonymous or Biased Crtique

It appears to be the case that film critics are more aloof than ever with a gap appearing between their tastes and those of the public. There is also a growing concern that bias is preventing movie review sites from being 100% honest. suffers from none of these problems and has independent reviews of the latest movies updated on its site regularly. Visitors are finding that the views of the Digital Freedom critics correspond with their own more often than not.

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Abilene, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2012 -- An increasing number of people are growing tired of what seems to be an agenda by those who critique movies. It is becoming apparent that there is either a chasm appearing between the tastes of those who write movie reviews and the general public or else reviewers are being less than honest in their criticisms or lack of. In recent times, some of the most widely ‘panned’ movies have been huge commercial successes. Does this mean that the views of critics are now invalid? is attempting to prove otherwise. This is a site that deals in movie ratings and reviews as well as exclusively showing movie trailers for upcoming blockbusters. Unlike other sites that review movies, Digital Freedom offers completely unbiased and independent write-ups that showcase the strengths and expose the weaknesses of every new release.

The site has been roundly praised by users who see it as a ‘refreshing change’ from typical review sites which seem loathe to ever criticize films starring certain actors. The seeming inability of these movie review sites to give an honest opinion hurts their credibility. It appears as if certain people are incapable of doing wrong in their eyes and this reflects badly on such sites as a whole.

In contrast, Digital Freedom is totally unafraid to offer warranted criticism while warmly praising movies and actors who show real talent. The disparity between critics and the general public leads to a lot of disappointed individuals as a ‘critically acclaimed’ movie turns out to be a waste of time. Additionally, movies which incur the wrath of critics are often warmly received by the public.

Instead of catering for those with a ‘high art’ mindset, Digital Freedom’s reviewers judge each film on its individual merits. Visitors to the site are also delighted to view the high quality movie trailers which advertise the latest releases. Finally, Digital Freedom is delighted to announce that visitors can receive a free one month trial with, one of the internet’s most popular streaming sites, through their site. This enables visitors to enjoy the newest movie releases and television shows without having to leave the living room.

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