DigitalSmoke.Org Highlights the Longest Lasting E Cigarette Battery from White Cloud Electronic Cigarette

Cirrus 3 X gives the longest lasting batteries with a charging time of about 120 minutes. It comes along with five packs of SmoothDraw Cartridge and two year warranty.

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2012 -- White Cloud is one of the leading brands of Electronic Cigarette and provides the smokers with starter kit of different range. Out of many starter kits Cirrus 3 X gives the longest lasting batteries with a charging time of about 120 minutes. It comes along with five packs of SmoothDrawCartridge and two year warranty. Starter Kit contains 3 batteries, 1 USB Charger, 25 Cartridges, AC adapter, DC adapter and 2 year premium warranty.

Cirrus3 X is compatible with new technology, SmoothDrawCartridge. SmoothDrawCartridge is same as filter cartridge and it is easy to blend with the traditional cigarette. It gives maximum satisfaction to the smokers who want to switch from traditional cigarette to electronic cigarettes. This cartridge is also available in varieties of flavors. Some of them include menthol, tobacco, chocolate, clove, strawberry, cinnamon and many others. If people cannot determine which flavor suits them the most, then there is always an option for the substitute pack which includes varieties of flavor according to their taste.

White Cloud is one of the best electronic cigarette brand present in the market. This brand has attracted thousands of smokers and non smokers towards them. As per the interest of smokers this brand has manufactured so many starter kits. White Cloud’s latest e cigarette is Cirrus 3 X other than this, there are many other kits available includes Cirrus 2 consists of 2 Batteries, 5 Cartridges, USB charger, 6 months warranty, Cirrus 3 includes 3 Batteries, 5

Cartridges, AC adapter and USB charger. Weekender kit is a Cirrus 3 kit which includes special features and the last kit is Cirrus Variety Kit which comprises of 3 Batteries, AC adapter, 5 Cartridges and USB charger.

White Cloud introduces Phantom Series which includes low vapor and a high nicotine level. It includes squid USB Charger which has the capacity to charge 3 batteries simultaneously.

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