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2014 might be the defining year for those that want the best e cig products

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- The e cig is facing a conflict of interest because as there is no federal oversight of the smoking devices, many states and cities have taken it upon themselves to make their own rules, but there have been issues raised with this trend. As the regulations of electronic cigarettes are expected to dominate 2014 as a top priority for states and cities, however some of the laws being considered are said to be based on the assumption that electronic cigarettes are just like exactly like the real thing. Yet many electronic cigarette manufacturers say that it is not that simple and that it is irrational to treat them like regular cigarettes, and that the proposed laws may even be bad for public health.

Yet in light of making the best e cig it is apparent that the manufacturers are looking forward to regulators, but as each state start to do its own thing without a federal framework, many manufacturers think that it is a mistake. The common trend is that there are many cities or states that have a new e cig rule under consideration such as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. And states like Utah, North Dakota and New Jersey have already banned using electronic cigarettes in public areas like bars and restaurants. Yet there are those that seem to be refraining such as Maryland’s Prince George’s county in Washington which has agreed to hold off on a ban pending the results of a study on the risks.

On the financial aspect, one of the biggest factors that draw e cig products to smokers is that they offer a savings as on average savings can be in the region of $120 monthly as compared to regular cigarettes. Even some states are starting to treat them like regular cigarettes as states; currently Minnesota is the only state that taxes electronic cigarettes. Lawmakers in South Carolina and Oregon have also considered vapor cigarettes taxes, making them likely candidates to continue the debate next year.

Yet the rate at which states regulation has started without any guidance from the federal government, yet the FDA will announce its intention to regulate electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product in December. This has been seen as kicking off an e cig regulatory process that will take months, as the makers of the smoking devices say the state laws that exist without a federal framework will result in a clumsy approach to electronic cigarette brands that could lead to unwanted consequences.

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