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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- Many of those that are opposing the electronic cigarette are basing their beliefs on that the smoking devices are merely a gateway to tobacco and aren't safe. Yet the e cigarette manufacturers state that they are merely being marketed as a means of tobacco cigarette harm reduction. Many smokers that have started smoking e cigs are saying that vaping have changed their lives and that they are now having a better and more energetic lifestyles than they had when they were smoking regular cigarettes. This has been seen by the rapid increase of many smokers that are now smoking the smokeless cigarettes basically because it offers them a better and a more comfortable smoking experience and as a result they are now smoking less tobacco cigarettes.

In 2009, the electronic cigarette vape scenario was far different to what it is now; the number of vapers was small as they were small batteries and under-performing atomizers that were using and different flavored e juice. Somehow it persevered and it worked and the e cigarette managed to sustain itself become the different picture. Fast-forward to 2013 and the scenario has changed with longer lasting batteries and a wider range of e cig liquid flavors that taste almost like the real thing and a far larger market that is estimated to be more than that of the tobacco smokers by 2023.

It seems that the main thing that the anti electronic cigarette movement is vying for is that they do not want their products to be marketed to minors and that they want the manufacturing process to be better monitored and controlled. Even the e cigarette also support this movement as they state that their products are designed for mature smokers and that even their online stores have inbuilt defenses that are designed to stop sales of smokeless cigarette products to minors.

There has been a sense of camaraderie many e cig reviews are claiming that it is keeping the vaping community that many have said it has kept them strong in the face of what many are calling relentless attacks from the mainstream media. Many writes are of the mind that the electronic cigarette will be unfairly judged because of decisions made by un-informed politicians and lawmakers attempting to ban and heavily regulate electric cigarette products.

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