Talks About New Flavors of Smoketip Electronic Cigarette

Flavored cartilages are the new trend that is picking up in the e cigs industry. The leading e cig brand that provides the maximum number of flavors is “Smoketip”.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2012 -- Flavored cartilages are the new trend that is picking up in the e cigs industry. The leading e cig brand that provides the maximum number of flavors is “Smoketip”. It offers its users a wide variety of refillable cartilage flavor to choose from. It provides 19 different flavors to choose from. They also come with different nicotine strength. With so many flavors that are available, customers can choose the flavor according to its taste. Each flavored cartilage gives a different taste. Flavored cartilages are available from the classic to tangy flavor. User has a number of options from which he can choose according to his taste.

Smoketip is the most advanced electronic cigarette in the market. It gives its users the largest selection of flavor. 19 different flavor cartilage of this brand are available in the market. The wide variety of flavor varies from the classic tobacco to the tangy peach. Now it is the costumer call that which flavor he chooses with which nicotine strength. The entire 19 flavors are available with all the different strength that is offered by the company. With the various tobacco flavors, Smoketip also offer various fruit flavor. It also offers its user 6 different assortment packs.

In the tobacco series Smoketip is available in 2 flavors that are regular tobacco and cowboy. The cowboy is for the strong smokers, it tastes like a Marlboro. Soketip also offer various menthol flavors. It provides its users with classic Menthol and mild Menthol flavor. Fruit flavors are also available with Smoketip. It gives a wide range of fruits flavors to its users. The fruit flavors that are available are Apple, Banana, Cherry, Grape, Peach, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry and Watermelon. These fruity flavors provide the users a tangy taste of e cigs which is not available in traditional cigarette. With more options in terms of flavor Smoketip is gaining a high market value in electronic cigarettes industry. So many varieties of fruit flavors in e cigs cartilage are only available with Smoketip.

Smoketip also provides a high volume vapor with every puff. Other flavors that are available with Soketip are Chocolate, Clove, Cinnamon, coffee and vanilla. These flavors provide the users with a refreshing taste. PINA COLADA is the newly added flavor in the Smoketip flavor section. It is the flavor of the month. Smoketip is running flavor of the month program. Smoketip also gives its customer six different assortment packs. The assortment packs that are available are Fruit & Café assortment, Fruit & Tropical assortment, Café & Tropical assortment, Double fruit assortment, Double café & assortment, Double Tropical assortment.

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