Dispensary Connects Medical Marijuana Vendors with Dispensaries


Puyallup, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Today, more than ever, the medical marijuana community will see a bright and clear direction on the industry’s future as we introduce the Dispensary Exchange. A website that breaks the barriers between local dispensary owners and marijuana vendors, a website that serves as the middle ground between these two important parties in the industry. Dispensary Exchange offers a whole new modern approach to providing a reliable and trusted database that will be helpful to both the local owners and the vendors.

Finally, here is a website that will allow the dispensary owners to get only the most knowledgeable and credible vendors. If you are an owner, you know how important it is to get the best supplies for your dispensary so you will not compromise the treatment or medication of the patients who rely on the medical marijuana treatment. One of the challenges that the website tries to address is the level of professionalism of vendors and how they do business with the dispensary owner.

Dispensary Exchange will later on eliminate the numerous and personal phone calls of unknown vendors offering their products and services. You can easily get all the valuable information that you need about the vendors that you want to be your suppliers by using the website’s database. By being a member of Dispensary Exchange, you get access to medical marijuana vendors in the vicinity, the products that they offer, and the expertise that they deliver. You do not have to waste time looking around and listening to non-credited suppliers, as this website gives you the most reliable and accredited vendors of the drug.

Vendors, owners, and patients can use the website in finding the most convenient access to medical marijuana, as Dispensary Exchange allows the medical marijuana community to leverage on its reach all over the country. The website opens doors and paves ways for owners and vendors to meet at a common ground and to conduct professional, legitimate, and appropriate business transactions.

On proving vendors’ credibility

Another highlight of Dispensary Exchange is that you can easily verify which vendor works best, as you can read other people’s rating and reviews on recent transactions with a specific vendor. This allows you to shortlist the vendors that you want to work with.

On the question what’s in it for the vendors. We can begin by telling you that you can enlist and publish the products that you offer, which gives you a targeted and an effective advertising strategy. You do not need to go far, you can easily let your target market know that you are the best in your state, and that you are serious about the business that you do. As a vendor, you can also prove your professionalism and knowledge as word of mouth and posting of reviews is one of the key feature of the website.

With Dispensary Exchange, technology has kept the medical marijuana community strong and growing. People now realize that the website’s database and your membership can give you information that you cannot just get from other websites.

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