Disposable E Cig Before a Starter Kit Always a Smart Choice States proposes the smokers the idea of trying the disposable electronic cigarettes before going for a particular starter kit. The website explains about the disposable e cigs provided by the top most brands available in the market.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- suggests the smokers to go for the disposable e cigs before doing any buying commitment. Experts say that smokers can try the disposables provided by a lot of e cig brands before settling to a particular starter kit. Some of the famous e cig brands offering disposable electric cigarettes are V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Eversmoke, Premium Electronic Cigarette and South Beach Smoke.

E cigarette reviews explain that the electronic cigarette starter kits of the most of the brands offer a lifetime warranty on the e cig products. In general, the starter kits consist of rechargeable lithium battery, steel atomizer, nicotine cartridges, wall charger, USB charger, owner’s manual and gift box. Experts say that an e cig is a battery operating device that is screwed to the nicotine cartridge and the battery is charged with the help of the chargers available in the starter kit. When a smoker takes a puff, the battery warms the nicotine liquid and it comes out in the form of the vapor. As an e cig is free of tobacco and do not require any combustion therefore it does not produce any smoke and can be smoked almost everywhere.

Experts say that a person can have one of the best e cigarette smoking experiences with the electronic cigarettes in a tobacco free and hassle free manner. One of the users, Jenny Jenkins from Houston, TX said “I was usually smoking a pack each day but immediately after my disposable e cig arrived, I found myself down to half a pack on my first day. I just took my vapor cigarette whenever I felt an urge to smoke and took a couple of puffs. I had no more cravings for the tobacco cigarette. I also experienced more energy and much less fatigue at the end of the day.”She further said “After my third day I was down to five cigarettes a day and after two weeks I smoked my last tobacco cigarette. I simply didn’t need them anymore.”

Website is the helpful resource for true and honest reviews about most popular brands electronic cigarettes based on the feedback from real users of electronic cigarette. The site encourages every buyer to read electronic cigarette reviews about his desire brand before ordering the kit of best electronic cigarette. Smoker should cross check and compare brands of electronic cigarettes on different websites of electronic cigarette review for selection of suitable electronic cigarette

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