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Dog Health Food: Dog Food Secrets Reviews

All Natural Dog Food: Does The Dog Food Secrets eBook Work Or Scam?

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2012 -- Dog health food is fast becoming a vital part of having a healthy dog. Knowing what is really in the food that you're dog is vital to help your dog live a long and full life. By avoiding the preservatives and additives in commercial dog food, you could be adding years to your dog's life.

With dog food labelling laws much less strict than human, it can be hard to find out what really is put into our dog's food. If a particular nasty ingredient doesn't appear on the ingredients list, unfortunately that doesn't mean it isn't there. Some preservatives such as Ethoxyquin are routinely added to fish meal, which is then added as an ingredient but you won't know what went into the fish meal. It's a bit like those restaurants that can proclaim 'no added msg' because it's only the ingredients and sauces that they use which contain it.

The Andrew Lewis Dog Food Secrets Program Book Official Site

Dog Food Secrets is a startling new book the illustrates an important reason why our dogs get sick and die much sooner than they should. Andrew Lewis is the author of Dog Food Secrets. His young 4 year old Beagle developed kidney failure, and died a horrible premature death. Andrew began a dedicated study to find out just why dogs like his and so many others could get so sick, even though they were apparently well cared for.

What he found out was absolutely shocking. The ingredients found in almost all commercial brands of dog foods, even the so called premium brands, had toxic harmful adulterants and fillers that were poisoning our pets on a daily basis.

Andrew claims that by feeding dog home made meals, people can prolong their dog's lifetime by up to 134% or over 8 years-while at the same time, having a happier, healthier and more active dog. He says dog owners can enjoy their pet's company for many more years by avoiding feeding our pet unhealthy meals. He recommends an alternative to commercial dog food brands that will provide pet with the right amounts of nutrition he needs to be at his healthiest, happiest and most energetic.

Dog Food Secrets offers people 35 different tasty and healthy recipes proven by Andrew's specially trained dog gourmets to be well received by dogs everywhere. Four Paws Up! He gives people ideas that make the recipes easy to prepare, and tips on how to make a large enough batch to last for several meals at a time. Andrew teaches people that between the cost savings of buying the best dog foods commercially and the health benefits dog will get, that making dog's food at home is the better choice.

Besides providing the specially formulated healthy recipes, Dog Food Secrets also reveals a specific formula to calculate just how much food doggy needs. The formula is based on several factors, such as whether dog is very active or not, whether dog is pregnant or breast feeding, whether dog has been neutered, or whether dog is old or young. All these factors have an influence over just how many calories are needed daily to keep dog at his healthiest.

Dog Food Secrets Book also provides people with information on how to spot any signs of illness in their dog before they get too far progressed. Andrew has included a complete health care program for people to follow, starting with their dog as a puppy and then moving on throughout the stages of his lifetime. This section includes valuable health related information about illnesses such as parasites and gum or dental problems, and a list of 5 important vaccinations puppy or dog needs to have.

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The Andrew Lewis Dog Food Secrets Program Book Official Site

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