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Beat Maker Software: Does The Dr Drum Beat Making Software Programs Work Or Scam?

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- Dr Drum is one of the most popular new beat making software programs. The reason it’s taken off so fast is because it’s easy to use and it makes studio-quality beats. Even if people’ve never used this type of program before, never touched a sequencer or mixing board, or never made a beat in their entire life, this software will have people laying down killer beats in a matter of hours. And we’re not just talking about low-quality beats that sound like they were made on a cell phone. This program comes with thousands of high-quality samples and exports your beats to 44.1 stereo .wav, the same as the professionals use.

A lot of people think that because they never had the opportunity to learn an instrument or they can’t read music, that they wouldn’t be able to make their own music, but that just isn’t true. With a product like Dr. Drum, people will be able to make their own original music or mix music that they own in a way that people could only do in a recording studio just a few years ago.

The Dr Drum Beat Making Software Programs Official Site

Dr Drum comes bundled with many powerful features. It has a 16 track sequencer. This will enable users to make awesome beats easily. With this feature, users will get to have 16 tracks of stereo sound. users will also be able to change sound and patterns of the many built in drum beats with just 2 clicks. users are also able to adjust the volume, tones and pan effect of their beats with this feature. What makes this feature in Dr. Drum stand out from other beat making software is that users are a video is created when they make videos that can be directly uploaded to YouTube.

Dr Drum Beat Maker Software also has a 12 Pad drum. With this, users will be able to make beats from the huge database of samples bundled with the software. users can also add their own sample. With this feature, users will be able to change drum kits with just a single click. users can also move sounds around with a few clicks. users will also get a 4 octave keyboard with Dr. Drum. With Dr. Drum, users will never need a MIDI cable to make beats ever again. users will get to work with many sounds so as to create amazing beats. users can also change the frequency, resonance, LFO R and LFO A enabling they to make amazing dub step sounds.

The Dr Drum Beat Making Software Programs Official Site

Here’s a list of Dr Drum Features:

- Literally thousands of beats, instruments and drum kits.
- Twelve drum pads in the Dr Drum machine.
- Four octaves in the keyboard.
- Sixteen tracks can be imported into the sequencer at once.
- An easy-to-use, drag-and-drop type interface.
- Move sounds around with just one click.
- Set the beats per minute.
- Built-in metronome so users can find the right tempo.
- Import samples, or record and bring in users own sounds.
- Make an entire keyboard based off one of users sounds.
- No MIDI cables required!
- Switch from one instrument to another on the fly with one click.
- Change the frequency or the resonance easily.
- Alter LFO R and LFO A for this sick, dubstep beats.
- Adjust the volume of each instrument, sound or track.
- Automatically upload users beat to Youtube.
- Make 44.1 stereo .wav (industry standard!)
- Learn how to do it all fast with the built-in instructionals.

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The Dr Drum Beat Making Software Programs Official Site

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