Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center

Dr. Kathy Gohar, a Leading California Surgeon, Perfects the Liquid Facelift in Los Angeles

Gohar's method includes several dermal fillers and produces nearly immediate results. Patients of Dr. Gohar require minimal downtime and scarring.

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Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- A successful cosmetic procedure can be traced back to two factors: the skill of the cosmetic surgeon and the type of procedure that was selected. There are many types of cosmetic surgeries that some cosmetic surgeons are incapable of performing and leave their patients with results that never quite reach their full potential. One of these cosmetic procedures that many plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area struggle with is the liquid facelift in Los Angeles. However, the leading California surgeon, Dr. Kathy Gohar has patients flocking to her spa because she not only has perfected the art of this procedure, but her skill allows her patients to see a dramatic difference in their skin within a matter of minutes.

Known more commonly as botox in Los Angeles, this cosmetic procedure is non-invasive, requires minimal downtime, and does not usually cause scarring. Over time, the skin loses its elasticity and overall buoyancy due to natural aging processes, exposure to the sun, and a variety of other uncontrollable factors. When the skin loses its elasticity, many notice that their once smooth and supple skin is now populated with wrinkles, fine brow lines, and crow’s feet. Dr. Kathy Gohar, the head of Beverly Hills Cosmetic and Laser Center is providing a way for her Los Angeles patients to restore youth and vitality to their face once more in the matter of a few minutes.

Although a liquid facelift cannot eliminate fine lines and wrinkles completely, the skill of Dr. Gohar and the highly trained technicians at her Los Angeles spa are changing the way that this procedure is performed and the results that it gets patients. When the botox in Los Angeles is injected into the skin, it blocks nerve impulses that cause the muscles in the face to contract and form wrinkles. This procedure gets noticeable results and allows individuals that have this cosmetic procedure performed on them to get back to their daily activities without spending days on the couch and time away from work recovering.

Anyone from the ages of 18 to 65, both men and women, can benefit from Dr. Gohar’s acquired skill and expertise at her Los Angeles spa. Unlike other cosmetic surgeons in the area, Dr. Gohar is able transform the skin with ease and gets her patients noticeable and lasting results. For more information about the revolutionary tactics used by Dr. Gohar and the secret to beautiful, smooth, and youthful looking skin, visit