Drey's Alert Dogs in Jasper TX Offers Trained Diabetic and Autistic Service Dogs

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San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- Drey's Alert Dogs is pleased to announce that they have fully trained dogs that are suitable as autistic and diabetic service animals. These diabetic dogs Jasper are educated from hours after their birth to warn their humans about certain health conditions. Dogs are able to smell scents that are too faint for humans to detect.

In a diabetic person, for example, the dogs are able to warn if the blood sugar level gets outside a safe range. When the blood sugar drops precipitously, the diabetic person may slip into a dangerous coma and not realize it. This is especially troubling for parents of a diabetic child. Someone must constantly check the child to ensure that blood sugar is within a safe range. When there is a diabetic service dog, it will rouse a caregiver or other person so that the remedial action can be taken. Parents will be able to have peace of mind about the health of a diabetic child.

The assistance that these trainers provide is somewhat different when there are autistic children. These children often are confused and anxious when there is change in the environment. The service animals helps to calm them, because the dogs are calm. The dogs are able to sense stressful situations, in a way that humans can't. This ability makes them the ideal companion for an autistic child.

The dogs are not only able to be service dogs, they are trained to behave in a variety of social situations and not become distracted by sights, sounds and other animals. The very young dogs are familiarized with the scent of safe ranges and as they mature, they are trained to go to alert mode when appropriate.

To learn more about diabetic dogs Jasper trainers offer and how they are prepared for their responsibilities, visit the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the information in this press release will find contact information described below.

Contact Person Name: Roann Pearson
Company Name: Drey's Alert Dogs
Address: Jasper, Texas 75951
Contact Telephone Number: (409) 489-6242 or (40) 489-4822