E Cig and Pot Dominate in Colorado

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- The e cig is set to face a revolution starting in Denver, Colorado as there have been reports that the sale of the legalized marijuana effective on 1 Jan 2014 wills initiate the selling of weed variants of this innovative smoking device. As the e cigarette does not have any have any odor and are considered by many to be a more discreet and yet highly customizable form of smoking they do options. As the sale of recreational marijuana sales became legal at dispensaries across Colorado. There are already variants of the electronic cigarette that are being sold in Colorado that are that people are using to vape concentrated THC e juice.

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In fact the Evergreen Apothecary in Denver has been experiencing high volumes of business in recreational marijuana since Jan 1 with majority of those sales being for e cig products as well as for vaporizers and marijuana e juice. This has been seen by many observers as being of a dark contrast to the electronic cigarette that are facing strict regulatory controls in New York City, and many in Denver are calling them a great and economical smoking solution for weed. Even the best e cig users will have to succumb to laws like having to use their pot e cigs only on private property in the state but at least the selling of weed oil cartridges is now legal in Colorado.

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Their popularity is based on the affordability of even the best electronic cigarette and the taste, a fact that was supported by a user who was quoted as saying “I hit it all day, every day, and one cartridge lasts me for a couple of weeks, I tried going back to regular pot and it tasted terrible, like a cigarette.”

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