Esmokehub Presents E-Cigs As Smoking Alternatives to College and University Administrators

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Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Esmokehub informs college and university administrations about electronic cigarettes as safer cigarette replacement for students.

Anti-smoking campaigns continuously get support coming from many individuals today. With this increased support, advocates are able to convince a lot of state authorities and finally result to smoking bans on different public facilities like commercial establishments and universities. One of these universities is Arizona’s Maricopa Community College District, which has implemented smoking ban on its 10 college campuses.

College and university students are already on their legal age and a lot of them smoke. Smoking bans implemented to different universities and colleges resulted to furious, if not disappointed students. They felt that their rights have been taken away. Gerard, a university student who agreed to be interviewed by Esmokehub, said, “Smoking is my only way to relieve stress caused by academic pressure in our university. I’m disappointed that I can’t smoke anymore whenever I’m in the campus.”

Luckily, these students don’t have to worry about being unable to smoke in their campuses with the help of electronic cigarettes. Esmokehub informs school administrators and students that electronic cigarettes are safe to use and will not cause health problems to smokers and nonsmokers. In fact, electric cigarettes can be used anywhere like planes and other public establishments where the same smoking bans have been implemented like restaurants and a lot more.

An Esmokehub representative stated, “I am also a smoker during my college years and I feel for these students. Academic stressors like dealing with thesis, terror professors, and passing their subjects are part of a university student’s lives and smoking can help them de-stress. We want to educate college and university administrators that electronic cigarettes don’t cause the same health problems unlike in smoking conventional cigarettes. With its safe features, students can still comply with the ban without the need to stop their smoking habit.”

Esmokehub lets university administrators that using e cigarettes are safer. For students who may want to get these units, Esmokehub also lists down a number of recommended e-cig brands on its website like South Beach Smoke so they can get premium e-cig units that will last for a long time.

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