E Cig Ordinances by Duluth City Council Reveal

Three E cig ordinances approved by Duluth city council after hearing from community members in favor of and against the ordinances proposed.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Duluth city council yesterday approved three e cig ordinances. During the discussion present were a dozen members of the local community, while some were in favor of the proposed ordinances, some were against it. But by majority the ordinances were passed.

The e cig ordinance is to go to effect from next month. The first e cigarette ordinance prohibits sampling in establishments which sell e cig. The second ordinance prohibits use of vapor cigarettes in certain locations where tobacco cigarette is prohibited. The third regulation states every vendor needs to have a license to sell e cig and only adults and 18 above can buy e cig.

The ordinances come in effect because of the growing popularity of e cig in Duluth and also because American lung association has some doubts on the safety and effectiveness of e cigarette. A recent report by NIHI suggests that e cig are as effective as nicotine patches but it’s a relatively new study hence, not much thought is being given to it yet. E cig reviews are a clear evidence of its popularity because people are using e cig and its being liked by almost everyone. “Of course it is effective, it works for me, works for people I know and that for me is proof enough”, says a fan of the product.

Expert at says, “Sale of free sample on public places may well not be a really good idea and the ban to minors is required as nobody who is not supposed to use E cig should use them, it is for adults who know about the product”. Many cities already have a ban on retail stores; consumers claim to prefer online purchase as it is more viable and offers the full range of product. Experts add,” when it comes to online purchase there is a low probability that any minor can buy e cig online and there are monetary benefits too as various electric cigarette brands offer coupon codes and lavish discounts too”.

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