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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- E Cig has become hugely popular in a very short span of time; the popularity of electronic cigarette is credited to the specifics that this battery run device has. E cigarette is reviewed as a better substitute to smoking, whilst there are people who disagree but there is a strong and stringent fan following it has. A reduction in tobacco use has been observed as per a CDC report on adult smokers in USA, according to the report there were 18% adult smokers in USA in the year 2012 compared to the 19 % in the previous year and the 20-21 5 for seven years before that, no reason was cited as being the cause for the decline. Experts say that there is a concern amongst people as anti smoking tobacco have gone strong in the last few years.

E cigarette cannot be cited as a reason for the decline but there is definitely a percentage of population which has switched to e cigarette in the last couple of years, no indirect implication can be made either but experts suggest that one cannot simply ignore the future prospects of the device. There is no study which has yet proven the ill effects or good effects of electronic cigarette use, there are hypothesis that independent research agencies have come with, both pro and against smokeless cigarettes but no federal law as of now govern the use or sale of e cigarette. Most of the cities have put ban on sale of electronic cigarettes to minors and the act is largely supported by e cigarette users through online portals like E Cig Reviews and e cigarette brand owners as well support the cause, say e cigarette experts from, a prominent review site.

E cigarette popularity is on a high, the fact is echoed by the vision of protestors who were present almost at all occasions whenever proposal on regulations regarding e cigarette was to be passed. Every city has a large section of people which support vapor cigarettes, a user was heard saying,” This is something that I truly believe can change the whole smoking outlook and if used sensibly by adults and not over exploited will one day be an approved method to refrain from tobacco.”

Expert at say,” No big claims are being made, although one may hear users of the device promoting it as a means to stay off tobacco cigarettes but no such declaration has been done by electronic cigarette brand owners because no proof of the good or the bad is there, so we need to give this device time. Of course, it is a better alternate, the best that has come so far and the most well received one but federal laws still are not there and we need to wait for them to assess the future course. Till then one can just hope that what e cig brands offer, they continue to offer the best of that.”

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