Ecigscorner Helped a 25-Year Smoker to Quit Smoking

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Asheville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Ecigscorner reached out to consumers and paid off as a 25-year smoker was able to quit his smoking habit.

Ever since the company has been established, Ecigscorner aims to reach out to more consumers and educate them about electronic cigarettes as a great tool to quit. In order to reach out to consumers, the website presents reviews of top e-cig names in the market and makes them available for people to read. Ecigscorner understands that the concept of electronic cigarettes is still unknown to many smokers and its experts would like to introduce this product to more consumers.

Recently, Ecigscorner received a good sign that their efforts are paying off as a consumer who has been following the page inform its administrator about being able to quit after 25 years of smoking. Richard, the aforementioned smoker, thanked Ecigscorner and its reviews and product listings as they helped him quit from his smoking habit.

According to Richard, “I’m a smoker for 25 years and tried a lot of smoking cessation products. Not all of them, however, helped me quit my smoking habit. I’ve been experiencing the effects of smoking so I decided to finally quit. After asking my physician about electronic cigarettes as alternatives, I started to research about e-cigs and recommended brands. I stumbled upon your website and found your reviews helpful for shopping around for electronic cigarettes. After reading reviews, I checked out your recommended brands and go for V2 Cigs. After trying out the product, it helps my tobacco cravings. Thank you for your informative webpage and I’m sure I won’t go back to smoking again.”

A representative for Ecigscorner commented, “We are very happy each time a consumer goes back to our website and tells us how we are able to help them find the best e-cig brands which helps them quit in the process. Richard as well as other consumers who give us their feedback makes us feel rewarded. Rest assured we’ll continue to do our best in providing information about e-cigs and update everyone with recent sales to help them save money.”

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