Ecigscorner Disseminates Vapor4life's Warning About Vapor King Imitations

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes are also subjected to imitation with its popularity. Ecigscorner disseminates information about Vapor4Life’s warning when it comes to Vapor King Kit imitations in the market.

It seems to be a trend for popular products to have imitations in the market. A lot of consumers are fooled by these imitations because they have perfectly copied the authentic ones offered in the market. Even electric cigarettes are not exempted from this issue as several brands like Vapor4Life already experience from having their product line copied and sold in the market.

Vapor4Life is one o the reputable brands when it comes to electronic cigarettes so it is expected that they produce among the top products in this industry. However, they get numerous complaints coming from clients after buying their Vapor King product line. Ecigscorner interviewed Maurice, one of their loyal buyers, and shared his experience in using Vapor King imitation, “I actually am disappointed with their Vapor King product line. Vapor4Life is my top choice when it comes to electronic cigarettes and I feel cheated using this cheap Vapor King. It’s not durable and the flavor seems to be off than what I tasted before. I found out from their representatives that I may have obtained an imitation Vapor King.”

With the increasing number of people sharing their horrible experience in getting Vapor King imitations, Vapor4 Life president, Steve Milin, warns clients about this occurrence in the market involving their respected brand. According to Milin, buyers should only get their e-cig set from their store and reliable dealers and distributors to ensure authenticity of this product. Moreover, Milin also added to watch out for offered free e-cigs online. There is a high chance of getting imitations from these free offers.

Ecigscorner, as a review website, knows how consumers want to get the best electronic cigarettes in the market so its administration helps in informing people about the presence of imitation e-cigs in the market. Be wary in buying e-cigs, not only from Vapor4Life but also from other brands to order only the authentic options produced by reliable companies today.

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