E Cigarette Review Gives Thumbs Ups to Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Ashless Tray

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- One Of The Leading Electronic Cigarette Brands Blu Cigs recently announced its latest addition to the accessories department the Ashless Tray and it has caused quite a stir as shown in e cigarette reviews. This is designed to be fully compatible with all of the Blu Cigs electronic cigarette models, and according to many e cigarette reviews that is a true convenience. The main purpose of the Ashless Tray is meant to hold and maintains electric cigarettes in order to certify the user where they place their electric cigarettes in between. Many e cigarette review sites regard that the Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes have no ash the Ashless Tray is an innovative complement than that is a compact and convenient means to holds all Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes product range.

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Yet many user reviews stated that as the Blu Cigs is rather small and compact it is no secret that people are always misplacing or losing e cigarettes. to them it makes it much easier to be able to locate it. Many people stated in a recent E Cigarette Review that whilst the Ash less Tray is a true convenience, it would have been better if Blu Cigs had added a charging ability. But yet it does look like it was warmly accepted by e smoke users. As stated by ClassyBlu who said “I agree, this is a great idea as I suffer these problems sometimes but I won't buy it because it doesn't charge. Thai would be a Blu Cigs iconic accessory if it would charge the battery while placed in the tray.”

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