E Cigarette Review Scan the Growth Trajectory of E Cigarette Niche Discusses Digitalsmoke.Org

E cigarette review by experts from reflect the growth of electronic cigarette industry as experts analyze the factors that have resulted in the increased popularity and the impact it has made on buyers and sellers.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- E cigarette review is becoming the new wise wizard for an e cigarette user who is looking for genuine review on electronic cigarette brands and products. E cigarette industry in the span of a decade has generated a lot of interest which can be contributed to the fact that not only are anti-smoking groups working day and night to get more prevalent indoor smoking bans into action but there is also a health concern as American’s become more health conscious. The electronic cigarette industry which started with a mere $50,000 is now touted to become a multibillion dollar industry.

The industry has witnessed a wide acceptance from user as suggested by reviews from e cigarette experts at as one of the user asserted,” it is very important for people to be aware of what this is all about, as a smoker you need to review your smoking habit and once you do that, you can easily switch to e cigarette brand of preference.” Taking into consideration the need of an e cig user a storm of brands are entering and many top brands are experiencing blinding success much to the pleasure of e cigarette users, affirms With more than 60% people being aware of vapor cigarette and with more people drifting away from smoking virtually by the day, e cigarette niche is sure flourishing. The brands have taken notice of that and are coming out with innovative and novel products.

Blu cigs which is considered as the best e cigarette provider by a large section of people, its owner, Lorillard recently said that e cigarettes may have taken 1% of the U.S. cigarette volume. Blu cigs is one amongst the highest rated electronic cigarette brand available on the market. Top brands like V2 cigs, Blu Cigs, South Beach Smoke, and Green Smoke amongst others have safely secured a place in the top electronic cigarette list as given by E cigarette reviews reflect the speed by which e cigarette industry is moving ahead as market analysts predict that e cigarette will take place of around 1.5 billion cigarettes this year.

Smokers who have switched to electronic cigarette, review it as the best alternate to smoking that has been introduced. The comprehensive cost of cigarette which is far less than what the tobacco cigarette actually costs a smoker is also a key factor, something e cigarette reviews lay claim to. The growth of the e cig industry can also be contributed to the increase in social pressure and in recent times a shift has been observed in the social nucleus regarding smoking which has made smoking more of a taboo believes

The preceding fact makes it impossible for a smoker to smoke at workplace, in restaurants and bars as most of the cities also ban the public use of tobacco cigarettes. Experts at verify that this is another important factor since for now electronic cigarette is not under any such rules in most of the cities as vapor cigarettes emit vapor which has not been proven to cause any harm until now.

Digital smoke is an electronic cigarette reviews sight. The experts at critically analyze the feature, price, and e cigarette liquid and battery performance of best e cig available in the market. The site contains unbiased factual reviews and articles from experts and it also contains reviews from common people who use vapor cigarette. A dedicated team of professionals rate the brands accordingly to update rankings of various electronic cigarette brands available.