E Cigarette Reviews Discuses Features of White Cloud Disposables

E Cigarette reviews conclude that with affordable cost and unique flavors, White Cloud Disposables is gaining huge popularity among the customers.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- White Cloud, one of the best e cigarette brands comes out with new disposable e cigs says e cigarette reviews. With the improving product line, this e cigs brand has introduced Fling disposables that are designed especially by keeping in mind the need of first time users. Flings are the best option to enjoy puffing in an economical manner says, an e cigarette review website. There are many people who do not want to spend much on e cigarettes, for them these Flings prove to be the best option.

As per the electronic cigarette reviews, it has been found that those people who are looking for the light weighted e cigs these Flings are the best option for them. These disposables comprises of the same technology as in SmoothDraw cartridges, so a smoker could completely get the same sensation but at less than half the price. With each Flings Disposables, customers will get 300-400 puffs that are equivalent to the 2 packs of traditional cigarettes revealed electronic cigarette reviews.

One of the most attractive features of this best e cigarettes disposable is its small and compatible size. These flings can be stored anywhere like in purse, pocket and anywhere. Disposable electronic cigarette doesn’t involve hassles and are easy to use. To try different flavors of White Cloud electric cigarette, Fling is an easy option say a White Cloud representative. E Cigarette reviews offered by also says that Menthol, Espresso, Strawberry, Snap Flavor etc are the flavors that one can enjoy with Fling.

A pack of 5 disposable e cigs are available for $24.95. For long hours of smoke, Fling is also available in a pack of 10 disposable smokeless cigarettes at just $29.95 only. In a pack of 100 Flings, 10 Flings of each flavor are available.100 Flings can be available at an easy price of $325. Those people who want to enjoy puffing with different flavors and nicotine strength, White Cloud electronic cigarette is the best option for them says e cigarette reviews.

About White Cloud E Cigarette
White Cloud e cigarette is among the best electric cigarette brand that provides quality products at an affordable price to the customers. This is the only vapor cigarette brand that is offering fling mini disposables especially for the first time users. Apart from disposables, attractive accessories, high capacity batteries, and many more other attractive products are offered by White Cloud that makes this brand more valuable and demanding.