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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- E cigarette reviews are very helpful to vapor cigarette users who are trying to find reviews on electronic cigarette brands which are not affiliated to any particular electronic cigarette brand. Kicking of the nasty habit of smoking is good but it should not be misinterpreted if some electric cigarette users review it to be an aid to smoking, since, it is not a smoking cessation aid but just a better alternate to smoking tobacco cigarette. These smokeless devices eliminate smoke, save you from what tobacco cigarettes will do to you in the long run but considering them completely harmless is no wise decision either.

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E cigarette are relatively/comparatively less harmful but as a beginner vapers need to know it is a great substitute to smoking, the best that has been accepted by smokers but not approved by any health organization as of now, FDA of course is still working on regulations on e cigarette. Disposable e cigarette can work for a while until and unless customers are sure about flavor, quality, strength and good accessories and e cig reviews also provide with a list of top brands so that a vapor cigarette user can analyze which brand is touted to offer the best e cigarette.

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E cig review sure can give customer a fair idea about all the highest rated electronic cigarette that are on sale and help customer buy cheap e cigarette which are fine in quality as there are a lot of review website which constantly update information on ongoing sale and discounts. Experts at say,” Blu cigs, v2 cigs among others are the best e cigarette 2013, if we sum up the online and offline sales of these brands. There are other brands too which easily make it to the list of best electronic cigarette like south beach smoke, green smoke etc.”

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