E Cigarettes Helps to Resolve Sleeping Problems of Smokers States

Smokers due to their strong urge to smoke are not able to sleep properly. E cigarettes help smokers to sleep well say experts of

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- Many smokers claim that cigarettes help them relax but the effects associated with tobacco cigarettes are dangerous and electric cigarette is considered safe for use. The effects include accelerated heart rate and increased blood pressure, and even cigarettes are likely to keep smokers awake for long. Nicotine found in cigarettes works as a stimulant for the vital body functions. Medical experts say “smokers who quit tobacco cigarettes at one face various health issues. It is likely that the sudden nicotine withdrawal will make the ex-smoker unable to sleep properly due to cravings, which seem to intensify during the nighttime but if the nicotine levels can be adjusted, smokers may easily adapt to live in a better way.”

The recent study by German Researchers showed that there is a risk of disturbed and interrupted sleep for smokers if they do not get proper smoke. In the research, there were many smokers who experienced the sleeping issues. They compared the sleeping patterns of tobacco smokers and e cigarette smokers and have found that smokers who used e cigs instead of regular cigarettes did not seem to be affected by the sleeping problems. Some of the tobacco smokers claim to get less than 6 hours or less of sleep per day. Smokers who indulge in long hours of smoking are not able to sleep well say experts.

E cigarettes are chosen over tobacco cigarettes these days as electric cigarettes are free of harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Sleeping issues not only create restlessness but in a long run, there are many health issues that could arise due to poor sleeping patterns. “At the End of the day, everyone wants to live a great life and that could be done while smoking e cig” says an electronic cigarette review.

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