E Cigs Are Not a Smoking Cessation Device Clarifies

E cigs are not a smoking cessation device as many have understood clarifies

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- always has been putting the right information across. There has been a lot of confusion about the e cigs being a smoking cessation device. E cigs are just a better alternative to tobacco cigarette. They do not have harmful chemicals present in tobacco cigarette. The e cigs also do not emit smoke.

Many have switched to e cigarettes because the e cigs do not have tar, bad odor and are economical than tobacco cigarettes. Many brands report up to 50% savings when compared to tobacco cigarettes.

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Cigarettes contain tobacco and other harmful chemicals that are delivered into the body by inhaling the smoke inside. E cigs work on different principle; they work on battery-operated cartridge that produces vapor with each puff. The e cigs contain nicotine and glycol that just satisfies the urge to smoke. The e cigs are certainly the next best alternative to tobacco cigarettes but are not in any way a smoking cessation device.

Luke Bryan, the spokesperson of the website said, “Many have misunderstood the e cigs to be a smoking cessation device. E cigs are better and healthier alternative to tobacco smoking and are economical than them. They look trendy and stylish and can be used almost anywhere unlike the traditional cigarettes. People can certainly save themselves from the harmful effects of tobacco by switching over to e cigs.”

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