E Cigs Deemed As Carcinogen-free by Esmokehub

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2012 -- Bloggers, celebrities and e cigs enthusiasts believed that electronic cigarettes are carcinogen-free. The device is currently hitting the online world for its numerous benefits.

Among the health benefits of electronic cigarettes is reducing the risk of lung cancer thus enthusiast firmly believed that the beneficial product is free from harsh radicals that causes cancer. Some of electronic cigarette users even give testimonies on how this electronic device works for them and their health.

“I am using electronic cigarette for years already and I have noticed its incredible health benefits to me. I have to say that my breathing started to get better. When I used traditional tobacco, I felt hard to breathe especially in the morning after I wake up. But I can freely do smooth breathe ins and breathe outs now. To note, my lifestyle has improved so much too,” shared a self-confessed electronic cigarette user.

The electric cigarette is a device engineered to create a good alternative to traditional smoking. Generally, traditional smoking has been the center of protests especially of health and life supporters. They tagged smoking words such as dangerous and unfriendly vice because of the counter effects of the habit to health and life. Electronic cigarette, though, gives smokers an option for a risk-free smoking by using technological breakthroughs to create a battery operated cigarette stick that uses liquid nicotine and different flavored cartridges. Instead of real smoke, electronic cigarette uses vapor to capture the exact smoke feel.

“First, we created electronic cigarette to give smokers a good option. And as we see how people respond to the benefits that our product gives, we feel delighted. Even though electronic cigarette is proven to be risk free, we are still doing series of tests and our engineers are currently devising a more risk free e cig products for our consumers,” said a representative from an electronic cigarette company.

Carcinogens are substances that cause cancer. And there are studies being done to prove the truth that electronic cigarettes are carcinogen-free. Meanwhile electronic cigarette has been linked to cut the risk of getting lung cancer, it started to gain a huge user-based that has dramatically increased throughout the years.

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