E Liquid Demand on the Rise Regardless of Dubious Electronic Cigarette Health Risks Warnings

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- There have been many critics of e liquid that have been saying that there are many electronic cigarette health risks that are associated with vaping. Yet those that have been using The Best E Liquid that is on the market say that these allegations and statements are misleading. They believe that the reality of electronic cigarette health risks is that there is been more credible benefits that have come out of vaping than risks and safety concerns. In fact the main source of defence is that since 2003 when the electric cigarette appeared on the market there have been zero deaths globally. According to analysts at top vapor cigarette review site DigitalSmoke.Org the risks are laughable. They state that there are more people that are injured from falling out of bed than that are directly affected by these electronic cigarette health risks.

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The reality is that almost all of these claims that say the e liquid is a health concern are all based on private scientific studies. Yet all of this study on smokeless cigarette is done in private labs that operate controlled environments in sterile conditions. Those that view these studies believe that such conditions do not in any way represent the reality on the ground on how vapor cigarettes are used. They also add that the lack of federal approval on these electronic cigarette health risks studies casts further doubt on the authenticity of these allegations.

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Yet many believe that the electric cigarette is going to grow to greater levels that it is currently at and that it will surpass tobacco cigarettes in demand. This is proving to be more of a reality with growth in sales of e cigarette liquid and related products was at an estimated 240% in light of these allegations of electronic cigarette health risks.

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