e5Cigs: E-Cigarettes Shop Provides Cigs for Customer to Review

Today, e5cigs.com, a renowned company in e cigarette industry has just launched a promotional offer that provides electronic cigarettes to interested individuals who would like to give a feedback in form of a customer review.

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Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2013 -- Herbert Gilbert conceptualized and designed e cigs in 1963, but it became a reality in 2003 through the effort of a Chinese Pharmacist, Han Lik. The substances are known to be free from tobacco, including other dangerous chemical additives that could affect the body; they as well offer nicotine benefits.

In an effort to understudy the potential benefits of electronic cigarettes, e5cigs have come up with a goal to providing a sort of quality assurance on the use of these products. The CEO said thus, "We want customers to realize that using these products could greatly minimize the risk of heart diseases and cancers." e5cigs has thus launched a new shop that offers consumers high-quality and cheap cigs. "As at now, we want reviews on the product. That's why we are now giving out a free offer to individuals who will write a review for us. It's a promotional offer," said the Public Relation Manager.

According to a recent report from the Marketing Manager, it is stated that electronic cigarettes are much better than traditional tobacco types. They do not have any unpleasant odor or taste; they don't promote passive smoking. With flavored nicotine as well as a non-nicotine cartridge, the same pleasure derived from the traditional tobacco is also found in e-cigs. It does not need any fire to lighten it up. It does not produce any ash; it rather works through nicotine vapors when smoked.

It has been revealed that these substances were originally designed to help smokers quit their smoking habit, thus negating their dependence on tobacco which can be dangerous to their health. The company now offers their products to all interested people for $20 or less cheap cigs, though a customer review is required as it is an effort to have user-based testimonials on the effectiveness of the products.

For more information on this promotional offer, contact the Manager here - email:support@e5cigs.com