E5cigs Explains How E-Cigarettes Work to Help Break Bad Smoking Habit

Even as e-cigarettes become more and more popular today, many people still wonder about the device, and many more people are skeptical about their effectiveness. E5, a leading e-cig shop, now explains how e-cigarettes generally work to help break a bad smoking habit.

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Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2013 -- Invariably, the most striking feature that makes a typical e-cig a great choice is that it is designed to provide nicotine to the user without any exposure to tobacco. In order to help the skeptics understand the value of the device, E5 provides explanation on how e-cigarettes work so as to help smokers quit smoking habit with ease.

According to a report from the Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) of E5, a leading e-cig shop, the working mechanism of an e-cig is just a simulation of the regular cigarette so that users would feel similar sensation. "In few countries, the use an e-cig is being discouraged, possibly because it is believed to have hidden dangers to the human life. Understanding its operations would clear every doubt, states the QAM."

In addition, the QAM of E5 states that the electronic device works with a Li-ion battery that has a microchip (an advanced microprocessor) that powers the atomizer where the e-liquid is vaporized; a LED indicator which signifies the ash; and a sensor.

"During inhalation, the sensor triggers the microprocessor to send a signal to the Li-ion ion battery so as to activate the atomizer which works as the heating element in the device, thus vaporizing the e-liquid in the cartridge. The LED indicator gives orange light when the e-cig is inhaled," explains the QAM.

It's also reported that e-cigs are smokeless since the inhaled substance is only water vapor, though it gives an aura similar to the exhalation of a puff of smoke. "The user would as well enjoy the kind of flavor that is typical of tobacco smoke," the QAM adds. For these reasons, it's said that there is no hidden danger in using the device.

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