E5Cigs Now Reveals the Hidden Worth of Buying E-Cigarettes Online

Beyond reasonable doubts, the Internet has greatly influenced the way people shop for goods, especially the new-generation devices referred to as electronic cigs, as online shopping comes with several advantages. In view of this fact, E5Cigs now reveals the worth of buying an e-cigarette online.

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Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- Since its introduction into the international market, e-cigarettes are being sold to people who want to quit smoking and live a normal, healthy life. Comparing brick-and-mortar store shopping with the shopping potentials of a typical e-store, E5Cigs now reveals the worth of buying e-cigarettes online in today's market.

According to the Marketing Manager of E5Cigs, as the trend of e-cigs usage gains momentous popularity with a broad spectrum of customers from several countries like the UK, the US, China and New Zealand, the device has become more accessible on the Internet. "Making an effort to buy an e-cigarette online opens the shopper to sufficient information as regards e-cig brands, product lines as well as specific accessories that are ideal each time there is a need for the replacement of certain components. In all, it would be quite easier to make the right buying decision if all these are considered," he affirms.

It's also noted that the reviews posted online about a particular brand, a model or an e-cig store can't be found in local retail stores. Besides, the shopper who goes online to find a product would be able to access useful pieces of information like product descriptions and other vital details that would help to decide on the best brand or the model that should be opted for.

The Marketing Manager as well confirms in a recent interview, saying, "e-cig shops usually offer comparative and competitive prices that are far better than what obtains at local retail stores. It doesn't matter if the customer wants to buy the device in bulk or in small units, wholesale prices are usually given on every purchase." He also reports that customers can enjoy promo discounts and the waiver of the shipping fee, thus helping to save more money.

Moreover, buying e-cigarette online offer great convenience that is not limited by time since the store can be accessed both day and night. "There is no queue at the counter, and there is no need to spend extra time and money by going to a local store in your locality. Everything is at your fingertips via the Internet," he adds.

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