E5Cigs Talks About the Best E-Cigs on the International Market

Amidst varied speculation on the quality and the price of electronic cigarettes, E5Cigs shares pertinent views on the best e-cigs on the international market. For anyone to achieve maximum in an effort to quit smoking, there must be a selection of the right product.

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Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Of course, there are a number of criteria that are often used to categorize e-cig brands today. In order to help worldwide customers get the best deals, E5Cigs, a leading China e-cig shop, talks about the best e-cigs on the international market.

According to the Marketing Manager of E5Cigs, most people are looking for a cheap electronic cigarette’ but then, it's quite important to put quality into consideration, and this is based on individual's taste or preferences. What is good for one person may not be good for another person. However, quality is generally a function of the features of a particular brand or model. Today, the best e-cigs that are available on the market include V2, White Cloud, and AquaVapor.

While speaking about the features, the Marketing Manager states, saying, "the best e-cigs on the market have optimum performance than the regular type. The buyer would have to consider the battery life of the device - the longer it is, the more would it be possible to have many puffs before recharging it, the typical range being 150 - 400. For instance, the 180 mhA would give up to 200 inhalations. Also, the nicotine levels start from zero, low, medium, and to high value."

Furthermore, when the product package and design are put into consideration, some are two-piece models; some are three-piece models. Besides, the shopper can find brands with total jacket designs and those of LED color options. "It's as well crucial to look into the product's lifespan which may range from 30 days to lifetime," the Marketing Manager adds.

It's reported that those who want to get the best deals on e-cigarettes should opt for China electronic cigarettes as they usually come with high quality and cheap prices that beat the competition on the market. "At E5Cigs, we offer the best e-cigs that meet international standards, and our prices have been helping re-sellers to maximize their profits," the Marketing Manager confirms.

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