Discusses About the Various Flavored Cartridges Ever Smoke Offers

As per, EverSmoke offers numerous Flavored Cartridges to the smokers. The rich flavors lets a smoker enjoy an extraordinary rich smoking experience.

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Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2012 -- says EverSmoke is for those who want one of the best smoking experiences with every puff. The brand is famous due to the advanced flavor and quality it offers. Moreover, the brand offers numerous Flavored Cartridges to the smokers in order to provide maximum vapor. The Flavored Cartridges by EverSmoke are designed with VaporMax technology, say experts. VaporMax technology makes sure that the smoker inhales a flavorful puff and exhales a thick vapor. A fan of EverSmoke smokeless cigarette exclaimed, “I love all the flavors of EverSmoke especially the Classic Tobacco flavor. It gives me the taste of a real cigarette. Thanks, EverSmoke, for making an excellent product that completely exceeded my expectations.”

The VaporMax technology is one of the best features about EverSmoke says As per the electronic cigarette reviews, EverSmoke cartridges come in flavors like Classic Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Royal Tobacco, Vanilla, Cherry, Menthol, Peppermint, Coffee, Pina Colada, and Peach Passion say experts. Elaborating the flavors, Tobacco flavor offers the taste of a natural tobacco which is light and smooth. Menthol Ice flavor refreshes one’s mind with the smooth and pleasant freshness. Its full flavor offers an exhilarating smoking experience for a smoker. Vanilla Dreams is made with a unique and superior flavor of creamy vanilla. Chocolate flavor offers a kind of “chocolate smoke” as the flavor offers the taste of rich and dark chocolate.

The vapor cigarettes flavors are a great way to satisfy one’s nicotine craving while having a flavorful puff say experts. As per the reviews, the electric cigarette cartridges by Ever Smoke are available in various packs. Pack of 15 cartridges, 30 cartridges, and 45 cartridges worth $39.99, $69.99, $99.99 respectively. The cartridges are packed with vacuum sealing so that no air seeps into the pack making sure that the electronic cigarette smoker gets the perfect flavor form the cartridge says

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