EcigsCorner Acclaims Superiority of Smokeless Tobacco Alternatives over Traditional Cigs is a reputed hobby portal on e smoking that is engaged in writing reviews and offering relative rankings on several brands of leading electronic cigarettes that are presently available in market. The portal is a good supporter of this new way of smoking because it realized the advantages of modern smokeless tobacco alternatives as opposed to normal cigarettes.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- says that several smokeless tobacco alternatives have come up in the market to replace tobacco, to provide nicotine to users. Nicotine is the habit forming mood elevator that drives humans to use tobacco in many ways. Some chew dried tobacco leaves, and some smoke cured tobacco leaves either in cigar or in cigarette forms. Cigarettes are the most popular way of getting nicotine, as it not only gives nicotine but also offers smoking pleasure. Tobacco cigarette smoking has been a symbol of success, status and a spirit of well-being for decades. Now, that is a thing of past. Tobacco smoking is a legal offence across the globe.

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There are several social and health related reasons for banning the use of tobacco including cigarette smoking, explains Some fortunate people who were light or medium smokers could come out the habit quickly, whereas, millions of helpless habituated smokers are looking for smokeless tobacco alternatives. There are certain nicotine providers in market such as nicotine lozenges and nicotine patches. Both are non-smoking and non-tobacco based. Users are not happy with these products and their availability and usage is very limited. Habituated smokers have accepted electronic smoking devices or personal vaporizers that are popular as electronic cigarettes are better. They are identical to tobacco in cigs in behavior and looks.

Acclaiming superiority of smokeless tobacco alternatives, says that they are very economical, easy to use, convenient to carry, maintenance free and acceptable both legally and socially. E smoking works out to be costing around 30% of the money smokers spend on tobacco cigarette smoking, in case they switch to e smoking. E cigs appear like normal cigarettes and users can use them in the same way as they use tobacco cigs, albeit fire or burning. Users just need to drag on the mouthpiece (with automatic devices) or flick a button (with manual devices) to start enjoying vapors. Since these devices are tobacco free and as they produce non-intrusive vapors only, they are okay legally and socially.

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