EcigsCorner Announces Top Brands of Electronic Cigarette 2014 is an electronic smoking hobby portal that specializes in giving reviews and offering rankings on several brands of electronic cigarettes that are available in market these days. The portal is an excellent promoter of smokeless smoking because it suits present day regulations and social limitations. Here, it announces top brands of electronic cigarette 2014, to benefit new users.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- is giving reviews and ratings on e cigs for a long time. It has earned a name as a balanced reviewer and experts say that its ratings are unbiased and systematic. It follows a uniform procedure to assess each brand’s merits in different issues such as appearance, size, battery capacity, battery life, flavor range, nicotine strengths, vapor thickness, vapor volume and value for money. Veterans in different things of e smoking test every brand individually. This reputed portal puts together independent opinions and analyzes them to award a final score. Industry respects these ratings of top brands of electronic cigarette 2014 and consumers follow the suggestions of the portal.

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The most recent ratings list of top brands of electronic cigarette 2014 as given by includes South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke and V2 Cigs in first, second and third positions. These brands are able to keep their leading edge because of their devotion to quality and performance. Though there is stiff competition in market, these brands are glowing as ever. The products from these companies are strikingly similar to regular cigarettes. They bring in all the goodness of tobacco smoke like nicotine and smoking pleasure and keep out all the feel-bad things of traditional smoking such as acrid smoke, tar, ashes and butts. states that smokers who switched to smokeless smoking by choosing one of top brands of electronic cigarette 2014, are rejoicing over their decision. Now, they are able to ‘smoke’ happily ‘almost’ anywhere without encountering objections of any kind. Electronic smoking devices are free of tobacco and free of smoke and its cronies, which pollute surrounding atmosphere. Smokers are pleasantly surprised that they are free from repulsive smell, discolored teeth and smokers wheeze. They may choose from a wide spectrum of flavors, and different nicotine strengths to customize their electronic cigarettes according to needs or requirements. They can save on their smoking expenditure by taking up smokeless smoking in place of tobacco cigarette smoking.

Readers can read further on top brands of electronic cigarette 2014 by logging on to any time as they please. The portal has much data on electronic smoking and related things.

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EcigsCorner.Com is an electronic cigarette review website that is constantly updating its reviews and providing readers with accurate descriptions on top electronic cigarette brands available on the market. The website aims to educate e-smokers or people looking to make a switch to electronic cigarettes.

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