EcigsCorner Clarifies What Is in a Cigarette to Novitiates is engaged in promotion of electronic smoking by giving reviews and rankings on different leading brands in the market. The portal is a firm supporter of smokeless smoking and believes that it has several advantages over traditional smoking. Here it explains about what is in a cigarette, to enlighten new users.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- says that previously, when there are no electronic cigarettes, cigarette used to mean only tobacco cigarette. Generally, the term indicates cured tobacco leaf cuttings packed in a paper tube. It may or may not have a filter tip to filter out colloidal substances from smoke. Tobacco cigarette smoking was the king of hobbies until recently. Things have changed considerably. Now, after the advent of smokeless electronic smoking devices the meaning of the word cigarette changed. It suggests electronic cigarette too. Since everyone knows about traditional cigarette, one talks of electronic cigarette when confronted with the question, what is in a cigarette?

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Talking on what is in a cigarette; explains that unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are reusable. They come with replaceable flavor cartridges and rechargeable batteries. A consumer can expect excellent service from the electronic cigarettes over a long period. Flavor cartridges contain e-liquid. This liquid is made by dissolving nicotine and a pre-selected flavor in a solution of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. Good brands use pharmaceutical grade nicotine and popular flavors like menthol. They use food grade solvent to make e-liquid. The dose of the nicotine and flavor are user defined. The liquid is heated with a tiny heating element. The rechargeable battery provides energy for heating. Thus, vapors arrive.

Consumers can inhale vapors of electronic cigarette and get the needed nicotine in to their systems. They can have an authentic smoking experience. What is in a cigarette? New users frequently ask to know what is new in electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes replace smoke with vapor, generated form a clean source of energy. The vapors offer smoking sensation and nicotine to consumers. Vapor is non-intrusive and so these products do not annoy others nearby. That means, consumers can use these products almost anywhere freely. Consumers can also protect themselves from the ill effects of tobacco smoke, such as smokers breathe, teeth discoloration and tar. Several experts at feel that electronic cigarettes can be good substitutes for traditional cigarettes.

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