EcigsCorner Describes Meritorious Features of Electric Cigar to New Consumers is a good hobby portal that gives reviews on different electronic cigarette brands. It also provides rankings on them. The portal is an ardent supporter of smokeless smoking, as it believes that latest smoking method is more beneficial to consumers than tobacco cigarette smoking. Here it tells about the merits of electric cigar.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2013 -- An electric cigar is fundamentally equal to an electronic cigarette, only it is more powerful. Many heavy smokers opt for heavy-duty devices that can withstand continuous use over long periods. These high-end products look more like cigars rather than cigarettes. They have three essential parts. An atomizer is there to house a better and more powerful heating element. Similarly, its cartridges come with bigger reservoirs to store much larger quantity of e-liquid. Obviously, it needs batteries with huge capabilities and compatible chargers. says that these cigars provide strongest throat hit and densest vapors in huge quantities with every puff. Experienced smokers apply their superior knowledge to customize their cigars to derive the best possible smoking pleasure out of them.

Click Here To Know More About The Top 5 Smokeless Cigarette Brands Online. explains that electric cigar users generally like their e-liquid with strongest available nicotine strength in a preferred tobacco flavor because they like good measure of nicotine and tobacco flavors. They use up to 3.6% of nicotine and they experiment with different kinds of liquid solvents to derive more pleasure. Some use only propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin whereas some others use these two in different ratios as nicotine solvents. Many companies offer disposable cigars also. Some brands are offering chewable mouthpieces with their cigars to give consumers the exact feel of smoking a real tobacco cigar. These rubberized mouthpieces are made with superior quality virgin material.

According to, electric cigar can give required nicotine to users in vapor form. Mouth-watering tobacco flavors offer an authentic cigar smoking experience to consumers. Thankfully, there is no pungent smell, nor there are burning ashes. Powerful batteries of e cigars supply sufficient energy to efficient heating elements to make thick clouds of vapor to satisfy consumers smoking needs. Strong doses of nicotine assure fulfillment of their nicotine hunger. E cigars protect consumers from bad smell, ash and tar. These products are welcome almost anywhere as these are non-intrusive. Even their thick vapors do not annoy others in any manner. encourages cigar smokers to try an electric cigar of their choice to experience the difference. It assures them that they would be impressed and switch to electronic devices eventually.

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