EcigsCorner Differentiates Different Cig Brands by Ranking Them on Performance and Popularity is one among honest hobby portals that deal with smokeless smoking by giving reviews and rankings on different brands of electronic cigarettes. Many new users follow its rankings devotedly. The portal is committed to empower consumers by giving them right guidance to make informed choices about this novel way of smoking. Here it talks about reputed e cig brands.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- Presently market is full of many cig brands, as electronic cigarette industry has seen exponential growth in 2013. Hundreds of products are fighting to get consumer approval and patronage. There is much hype on these modern, battery-driven devices making consumers confused when they want to select a brand for their personal use. Portals that are oriented on consumer welfare are trying their best to help new users in taking up a suitable brand of electronic cigarette as substitute to normal tobacco cigarettes. leads the lot by ranking popular brands according to their merits and performance. Its rankings are based on systematic evaluation done by experts and veterans on electronic smoking.

Click Here To Know More About The Best Affordable Electronic Cigs. considers certain important features that should make an ideal electronic cigarette in every brand in awarding these ranks. Appearance, value for money, vapor production and battery strength are important for a brand to get good rank. Consumers, especially those who smoke tobacco cigarettes like their devices to resemble real cigarettes. Habituated smokers like the feel of cigarettes in their fingers while they enjoy the smoke. So, companies take extra care to make their products as true copies of normal cigarettes both in behavior and in appearance. A good brand is has to offer more value for money in terms of customer satisfaction. Then only experts consider the brand among top cig brands. has presented its most recent rankings on electronic cig brands. It has given top rank to South Beach Smoke brand for its consistent quality and overall performance. Its products have orange colored LED tip, proprietary SuperMax batteries, built-in atomizers and specially made silicon mouthpieces. Second rank goes to EverSmoke brand. This reputed brand makes its cartridges with improved Vaporflo technology to enhance vapor production. V2 Cigs takes third place. This brand has earned a name as the best vapor giver in industry, in terms of volume and thickness. The portal has listed out ten top electronic cigarettes in its rankings. Experts from the portal have personally tested and recommended these brands with a view to help new users.

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