EcigsCorner Discusses On, 'Is There Nicotine in E Cigs' to Foster Insight Among Consumers is an expert in giving informative reviews and just rankings on different leading brands of electronic cigarettes that are presently available in market. The portal is a well-wisher of smokeless smoking and it aims to develop positive awareness among public on this new hobby. Here, it initiates a discussion on, ‘is there nicotine in e cigs’ to reveal many issues on electronic cigs.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- Several new users ask, is there nicotine in e cigs? Electronic cigarettes are modern smoking devices that have two important components. They are cartridge and the battery. E cig companies use good quality batteries with latest lithium ion technology to ensure long life and better recharging capabilities. Batteries are hearts of electronic cigarettes. Cartridges contain liquid from which vapors come out. This liquid is important staple for smokeless smoking. Consumers have a choice of either replacing or refilling their cartridges once the liquid is exhausted. Normally, this e liquid or e juice is a solution of a chosen flavor (consumers can choose a flavor among dozens of popular flavors), nicotine (optional as per consumer requirement) and food grade solvent.

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Most companies prefer good quality, FDA approved food grade propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin as solvent. Some use both these solvents in different ratios. These solvents are perfectly safe and they are widely used in bakeries, cosmetics and other consumable goods. Nicotine content of e liquid varies in several levels. Yes and no, both can be answers to the question, is there nicotine in e cigs, says Consumer is the boss here in this regard. E liquid is very flexible with its constituents and it is quite easy to customize it as per individual user’s smoking requirements. Hundreds of new consumers who do not want to load their systems with nicotine go for zero nicotine cartridges.

Electronic cigarette companies use high quality pharmaceutical grade nicotine in e liquid. Portals such as explain that e cigs can be of service to heavy smokers as well as to people who are averse to nicotine. Heavy smokers opt for cartridges with strongest available nicotine content to get good doses of nicotine and excellent throat hit. Those who are against the use of nicotine can enjoy ‘smoking’ pleasantly flavored warm fumes and experience an authentic smoking experience. Carefully personalized e liquid can compliment any type of smoking need of consumers. This explanation gives clarification to frequently asked question, is there nicotine in e cigs.

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