EcigsCorner Explains Superior Benefits Offered by Best Vapor E Cig to Novitiates

Several new users seek guidance of, a hobby portal that gives reviews and rankings on the top most brands of electronic cigarettes. The portal has been a firm supporter of smokeless smoking, as it believes that it is more beneficial to smokers than ordinary tobacco cigarettes. Here it explains the superior benefits of best vapor e cig to new comers of the hobby.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Tobacco cigarette smokers have realized that they cannot continue their hobby forever freely without guilt. They have become outlaws in their society as tobacco cigarette smoking has become a taboo. Every government has enforced one or the other kind of restriction on the use of tobacco in public and private places. According to, a major portion of smokers are either quitting the hobby or looking for an alternate hobby. Some smokers, who are badly addicted to the nicotine in tobacco cigarettes, are ready to take up substitute products that can provide nicotine and smoking sensation. Best vapor e cig is a heaven sent opportunity for such smokers.

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Best vapor e cig is a top quality electronic cigarette that produces vapors. The vapors can carry and deliver nicotine to users just as tobacco cigarette smoke does. says that the main difference between smoke and vapor is that smoke is harsh smelling and nauseating whereas vapor is odorless and pleasant. Since smoke comes out of burning tobacco and paper, it contains some unnecessary byproducts. The byproducts such as tar, ash and carbon monoxide are not welcome in many areas socially and legally. People who are nearby to smokers are offended by the pungent smell. Consumers of electronic cigarettes need not bother about annoying others, as vapors do not leave any smell behind. says that consumers can control vapor production either with a flick of a button or by puffing on the mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette. Then the process begins and vapor reaches the respiratory system of the consumer. These modern devices save e-liquid by not making vapors out of it when the device is not used. There is no wastage with electronic smoking devices. With regular cigarettes, it is not like that. Once a consumer lights a cigarette, it burns completely, irrespective whether the consumers is smoking or not. Cartridges come at cheaper prices. That is the reason for experts saying that best vapor e cig is quite cheaper than its traditional cousin is. The portal encourages smokers to take up electronic cigarettes and save considerable money.

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