EcigsCorner Exposes Advantages of Using V2 Cigs Promotional Code 2014 to Neophytes

The main activity of is to give reviews and offer rankings on different brands of electronic cigarettes that are leading in market presently. The portal is a close observer of e cig industry and it is impressed by the several advantages of e smoking over regular smoking. It is an ardent promoter of this new method of vapor smoking to tobacco smokers by telling them about the plus points of v2 cigs promotional code 2014.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- announces that v2 cigs promotional code 2014 is here to bring in cheer to people who want to switch to e smoking. Such people can cash this opportunity to get one of the most sought after brands of electronic cigarettes at down to earth prices. They will be getting not only a great electronic smoking device, but also the assurance of complete satisfaction from world’s top rated e cig manufacturing company. V2 cigs has earned a reputation for its products for their quality, vapor production capability and customer service. All the products of this brand come with new two-part design that is more user-friendly and performs more efficiently.

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Customers have a choice of selecting a suitable electronic cigarette starter kit from a good range of kits by opting to use this v2 cigs promotional code 2014. They can choose from several popular flavor cartridges including six general flavors and two tobacco flavors. With this brand, there are four different levels of nicotine strengths to appease different levels of nicotine cravings of consumers. This brand also offers single use, disposable electronic cigarettes, reports This is to give an idea of e smoking to tobacco cigarette smokers quickly and economically without demanding any good investment or long time commitment.

There are still more benefits to regular smokers other than economy, from utilizing v2 cigs promotional code 2014, says They get lung full of rich, humid, nicotine filled vapors on demand almost anywhere, as e cigs are not objected either socially or statutorily. Tobacco free e cigs are not legally banished and smoke free vapors are socially better tolerated. Experts say that smoke is the carrier of unwanted by products such as pungent smell, nasty tar and burning ashes. Because of these residues, tobacco cigarette smoke is unwelcome in many social circles or public places. Moreover, e smokers need not bother about stained teeth, unhygienic mouth and smokers breathe. motivates tobacco smokers by informing them about v2 cigs promotional code 2014. It says they have nothing lose by taking up e smoking.

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