EcigsCorner Exposes Best Electric Cigarettes in the Market Through Its Latest Rankings

Hundreds of visitors assess every day to read its reviews and follow its rankings on various brands of electronic cigarettes. From the beginning, the hobby portal is promoting smokeless smoking in a big way. It says that modern smoking has several advantages over regular smoking. Here, it exposes top ten brands of best electric cigarettes through its recent rankings.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- is not only an avid fan electronic smoking, but also a good sympathizer of tobacco cigarette smokers. Smokers are in a dilemma as they could not to smoke freely nor they could quit the habit. They are unable come out of nicotine addiction. Therefore, the portal has taken up the task of introducing best electric cigarettes to consumers. It observes developments in the industry, notes the latest additions, and reviews them with the help of leading experts and fans of smokeless smoking. They compare essential qualities of an electronic cigarette. Consumers expect good smoking experience, sufficient throat hit, required dash of nicotine and social acceptance in their modern smoking gadgets.

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Experts from consider certain other technical issues as battery capacity, ability of vapor production and value for money in the brands before they award an appropriate rank. Looks, flavor range, popularity and customer satisfaction are also important for a brand in gaining good rank. Only okayed brands after thorough tests get recommendation from the portal. The portal has announced its latest ranking of best electric cigarettes recently. Now, South Beach Smoke takes up the pride place as the top ranking brand beating stiff competition from other leading brands. Number two position goest to EverSmoke. Another popular brand, V2 Cigs gets third slot in the list of top ten recommended brands.

Best electric cigarettes can deliver nicotine to consumers through vapors. Consumers can derive unique smoking experience from these devices. Vapors are non-intrusive, as they do not contain harmful carbon monoxide, blackish tar, simmering ashes and pungent smell. Electronic cigarettes are welcome in several social gatherings even where tobacco smoking is restricted because of this quality only. The products give consumers an excellent opportunity to smoke almost anywhere without bothering others. Contrary to popular belief, electronic cigarettes are not costly. In fact, they are considerably cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. These positive features make these gadgets good replacement to traditional cigarettes, reveals

Interested reader can visit to view the complete list of best electric cigarettes and get further insight on different brands.

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