EcigsCorner Gives Details of V2 Cigs Starter Kit to Educate New Users

Giving reviews and rankings of electronic cigarette brands is the main activity of The portal, started by smokeless smoke lovers is a good supporter of this new hobby. It started promoting the advantages of electronic smoking over traditional smoking among public in a big way. Here, it exposes features of V2 Cigs starter kit to increase consumer awareness.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- Revealing about V2 Cigs starter kit, says that good starter kit is important for a brand’s success. The company presents its starter kits with everything consumers would need to start smokeless smoking. These starter kits are economical as they come with a bunch of flavor cartridges and batteries with suitable chargers. A consumer has a choice to shop for a kit that fulfills the smoking needs from a variety of kits available. The portal suggests new users who want to take up electronic smoking to ascertain their smoking needs initially. They have to buy a kit accordingly. Then only they can get most out their new possession.

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The entry-level kit of the company is its Express Starter Kit. This one comes with a charger, a standard white automatic battery and one flavor cartridge of consumer’s choice. tells that there are two flavors in two different nicotine strengths are available with this kit. Available nicotine strengths are 0.6% and 1.2%. The flavor given with Express Kit is either American tobacco (V2 Red) or Menthol. Accompanying charger is of USB variety, which can charge batteries twice as fast as normal chargers. This basic V2 Cigs starter kit is a good option for consumers who want to try smokeless smoking. It gives consumers a taste of the company’s quality. tells about Economy Kit. It is ideal for social smokers or first time serious hobbyists. This kit comes with a single battery, ten flavor cartridges, a smart charger with a wall adapter and a manual. An internal chip in smart charger prevents overcharging and helps in quicker charging. Consumers have liberty of customizing their kits with a selection of flavors from a wide range. They can also determine nicotine strength in their cartridges. V2 Cigs starter kit offers a range of tobacco flavors such as Red, Congress and Sahara. Other flavors include Menthol, Peppermint, Mint tea (in Mint range) and Cherry, Coffee, Vanilla, Cola, Chocolate, Grape (in Specialty range). All products of V2 are of top most quality. Their electronic cigarettes assure smoke-free authentic smoking experience. They can be used almost anywhere as they are non-intrusive.

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