EcigsCorner Lures Chain Smokers to Switch to Smokeless Tobacco Alternatives to Avail Benefits is an honest portal that gives reliable reviews and just rankings of many brands of leading electronic cigarettes that are now in market. It aims to propagate this novel way of smoking by giving exact info on electronic cigarettes and related issues. Here, it targets chain smokers as it explains benefits of switching to smokeless tobacco alternatives.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- says that present scenario is not favorable to tobacco cigarette smokers. The prices of tobacco cigarette are steadily increasing at an alarming rate because of tax burden. Governments around the world are committed to curb tobacco smoking steadily. Several health agencies are successful in pressurizing statutory agencies to pass regulations against tobacco smoking. People are prepared to show open hostility on smokers and smoking. Habituated smokers are now in a fix. They are unable to replenish nicotine levels in their systems as and when they require. They are prone to mood swings because of this. Such people have to consider smokeless tobacco alternatives.

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According to, smokeless tobacco alternatives are to replace tobacco smoking altogether over some time. To achieve this goal, they have to be as efficient as normal cigarettes in providing nicotine and smoking pleasure to users. They have to be socially and legally permissible. They must be easy to handle and uncomplicated to use. Compactness and portability would be added advantages. It is better if these surrogate cigarettes are non-intrusive and environment friendly. Smokers welcome such products with open hands that give them an opportunity to appease their nicotine craving without bothering about social or legal repercussions. Importantly, such products should be widely available.

Keeping all above demands that have to be met by smokeless tobacco alternatives, suggests that electronic cigarettes are capable of becoming good substitutes for tobacco cigarettes. These modern devices look and behave as if they are real cigarettes. It is easy to handle and carry them. These are acceptable socially as they do not offend people with harsh smell, tar or ashes. As e cigs are free from tobacco, it is legally okay to use them almost anywhere. Users need no special expertise to use these gadgets. All they have to do is to act as if they are smoking normal cigarettes. These modern marvels are eco friendly, as they do not leave any residues. They do not offend people with acrid smoke and that makes them non-intrusive too.

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