EcigsCorner Rates V2 Cigs As the No.1 Electronic Cigarette Brand for September 2012

According to the good quality products offered by V2 Cigs have made it the No.1 electronic cigarette brand in the mass of other e cigarette brands.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- V2 Cigs is one of the top electronic cigarette brands. E cigarette reviews of the explain that V2 Cigs is a promising brand. It has been able to get positive feedback from all its customers. As per the reviews of the customers of V2 Cigs, it is one of the finest e cigarettes among all other e cigarette brands. One of the electronic cigarette user said, “V2 cigs makes an outstanding electronic cigarette. I was a little puzzled about electronic cigarette brands, and I didn’t know what makes one brand different from the other. Seriously! I’ve tried two other companies, one was Safe Cig and the other was Cirrus3. V2 cigs product is by far the best one on the market… simply amazing quality and taste. I am really happy that I stumbled on the website which helped me get in depth knowledge about this brand.”

One of the spokesperson of the website said that the electric cigarette offered by V2 Cigs is free of ash and tar. Also e cigs do not produce any smoke. E cigs contain a battery and a cartridge. The cartridge has nicotine in liquid form. When a smoker takes a drag the battery warms the liquid and when a smoker puff out it comes out in the form vapor. Hence e cigarette do not produce any second hand smoke. It is great that a smoker can smoke the smokeless cigarettes almost everywhere including no smoking areas. V2 Cigs work on the modern technology. The brand has announced a new type of e cig. Earlier an e cig was a 3-piece design, which included a battery, an atomizer and a plastic cap. The new version of e cigarette is a 2-piece design, which has a battery and a disposable cartridge, which has a combination of atomizer and plastic cap. E cigarettes are healthier alternative in comparison to traditional cigarettes.

A chain-smoker can fulfill the urge for nicotine in the same way as in tobacco cigarettes. But in comparison of traditional cigarette, electric cigarettes controls health risks involved with regular cigarettes. V2 Cigs offer a wide range of trendy and stylish accessories. The quality is retained in all the products of V2 Cigs. The brand offers 10 different options of flavors in 4 nicotine levels. Reviews clarify that all the V2 Cig smokers are completely satisfied with the price value and stylish accessories offered by the company and do not want to switch to any other brand.

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