EcigsCorner Reveals Secrets About V2 Cigs Battery Life to New Users takes pride in giving balanced reviews and unbiased rankings on several leading electronic cigarette brands. The portal is committed to educate people on the advantages of smokeless smoking. It provides reliable and useful information on electronic cigarettes and smoking and electronic smoking. Here, it talks about V2 Cigs battery life.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2013 -- Speaking on V2 Cigs battery life, maintains that batteries are very important components of electronic cigarettes. Batteries are power sources of electronic smoking devices and vapor production depends on strength and capacity of them. Experts say that an electronic cigarette is as good as its battery. Weak batteries end up with poor vapor quantity and quality. Every company takes extra care with its batteries and makes sure that they give long service to consumers. These lithium ion batteries are rechargeable. Generally, two kinds of batteries come with an electronic cigarette starter kit of any reputed company. One is of manual type and other is automatic.

Click Here To Know More About The Best 5 Smokeless Cig Brands Online. says that electronic cigarettes with automatic batteries work automatically when a consumers takes a drag on the mouthpiece. There is no need of pressing any switch. Manual batteries come with electronic cigarettes that have separate switches to trigger vapor production. The design, shape and size of these batteries are inspired by real cigarettes. They are slim and long resembling normal cigarettes. Consumers fix these batteries to cartridges to start using electronic cigarettes. V2 Cigs battery life is among the best in industry. They come with 4.2-volt rating unlike other brands’ batteries that have only 4-volt rating. This is to give more power to ensure better volumes of vapor production.

The company offers its batteries in three sizes and in different colors. The shortest of them, V2 Shorty is 67 mm in length and the longest among them, V2 Long is 110 mm. It has V2 Standard battery also with 79 mm length. V2 Cigs battery life is appreciated by several experts and veterans. They say that V2 batteries not only last longer but also give thick volumes of vapor to give superior smoking experience to consumers. These batteries help in making non-intrusive vapors that allow these products to be used almost anywhere. says that an important reason for the success of V2 Cigs is the quality and performance of its batteries. invites interested users to read more on V2 Cigs battery life in it pages devoted to the brand.

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