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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- Bringing a change after ages of tobacco smoking might not be easy but the success rate of electronic cigarettes has left the $80 billion tobacco industry shocked. With several smokers switching to the electronic cigarettes and a large number considering the switch, the time of tobacco cigarettes is soon to be over. The gaining popularity of the e-cigs has led to demand about more information and knowledge about the device. The important part in this is the need of authentic details from the right website.

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The increasing demand of e-cigs has led to new changes and ideas concerning the existing brands and new brands. Apart from this the marketing strategies are also undergoing fresh changes targeting maximum numbers of smokers. With so many companies and brands available in the market, it becomes an uphill task for a buyer to select the right brand. In such a situation comes to the rescue with top 10 electronic cigarettes brands doing the rounds of the market. The success and popularity of these brands is supported by the strong feedbacks received from its users. For details about the top 10 brands and reviews surf through the official site of

An electronic cigarette is a look alike of the traditional cigarette but unlike the latter does not contains tobacco. This modern device employs nicotine solution which on heating produces a vapor for inhalation. Every aspect of the regular cigarettes has no existence in the e-cig. The electronic cigarette neither burns nor produces any odor, ash or smoke. As a result of all this it provides it users the freedom to smoke almost everywhere without worrying about disturbing the surrounding atmosphere. Owing to all this the use of electronic cigarettes is now being allowed in places like theatres, restaurants, offices, etc.

Electronic cigarettes also tagged as an electronic inhaler is getting well accepted by the society. All the encouraging factors attached to the device have resulted in more than 40 percent smokers opting to the e-cigs. Currently its sales have crossed the $1 billion and experts predict that it would outpace the sales of regular cigarettes by 2047.

E-cigs are one of those inventions which have changed the course of wind in the right direction and more for more assistance and information about this product visit

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