EcigsCorner Reveals Top Benefits of E Smoking as It Reveals Rankings of Top Rated Cigarettes got a reputation as a good reviewer of several brands of leading electronic cigarettes. Its rankings are among the best in industry. The portal believes in providing true information to educate consumers. Here, it reveals what advantages smokers get by switching to e cigs as it announces its recent rankings of top rated cigarettes.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- Consumers eagerly wait for revelation of latest rankings of top rated e cigarettes brands by reputed portal South Beach Smoke has taken up number one position in this portal’s latest rankings. EverSmoke and V2 Cigs are in second and third positions. These brands have been keeping up their leading position among best e cig brands for the last several years, even though many companies have entered in the industry. Keeping up to date with latest trends and keeping their customers satisfied are two important reasons for their continued success. They enjoy consumer confidence and have a large customer base. Their products provide vapors that offer consumers a pleasant way of smoking.

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Now, according to popular hobby portals such as, top rated cigarettes are electronic cigarettes. These modern smoking gadgets do away with smoke and other cumbersome substances as they make vapors rather than smoke. They come in with a battery, a cartridge and an atomizer with mimicking the looks of a regular cigarette. They also behave like normal cigarettes. Their batteries are of lithium ion type that give longer life and users can easily recharge them. Cartridges are storehouses of e-liquid, a solution of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavor. Consumers can refill the cartridges or replace them as and when e-liquid is depleted.

Atomizers of top rated cigarettes hold heating elements to heat e-liquid and make vapors. Consumers can inhale and exhale these vapors. With each inhalation, vapors carry nicotine to the lungs of users, deposit it there and come out as plain water vapor during exhalation. Like this, vapors deliver nicotine to consumers effectively. They also give unique smoking sensation to consumers in this process. Therefore, electronic cigarettes are as good and as effective as normal tobacco cigarettes according to many experts of With the elimination of smoke generated by burning, residues such as acrid smoke, tar and ashes are absent in vapors. They are perfectly non-intrusive and consumers can use them almost anywhere. has compiled a lot of information on top rated cigarettes in its several pages. It invites interested readers to go through its pages and get a positive idea on smokeless smoking.

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