EcigsCorner Speaks About Best Cigarette Alternatives for 2014 to Educate New Users is among well-respected portals that deal with reviews and rankings of several electronic cigarette brands, which are leading in market. This portal believes that smokeless smoking is the most beneficial thing that can happen to smokers. It encourages smokers to take up e smoking instead of tobacco smoking. Here it talks on best cigarette alternatives for 2014.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Smoking tobacco cigarettes is now an offense in many countries. Smokers are finding it increasingly difficult to continue their hobby. They are literally between the devil and deep sea. They could not get nicotine as regularly as they wish and they could not live peacefully without the invigorating substance. They have to bear enormous pressure from family and peers to stop smoking tobacco cigs and find best cigarette alternatives for 2014, if at all they need their daily dose of nicotine. Cigarette alternatives are to fulfill smoking needs by supplying nicotine to users’ bodies. Importantly they must be acceptable legally and socially. says that unlike other nicotine providers like nicotine patches and lozenges electronic cigarettes can provide smoking pleasure too.

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Electronic smoking has nothing to do with smoke that comes out of tobacco rolled in paper by burning. Nobody took this concept seriously; as everybody thought that, it is a passing trend. Unexpectedly, electronic cigarettes could get good success commercially as public accepted these products quickly. E cigs come with several attributes that make them best cigarette alternatives for 2014. It can easily provide nicotine as and when needed along with authentic smoking experience to habituated smokers. It is tobacco free and smoke free. That means e smoking is tolerable both legally and socially. Vapors from e cigs are non-intrusive, reveals

Apart from replacing tobacco cigarettes by providing smoking-like sensation plus nicotine, best cigarette alternatives for 2014 offer certain unique advantages. They help in improving oral hygiene of smokers by avoiding foul smell, weakening of gum strength, discoloration of teeth and damaging sensory organs. They also help users to save money. Experts say that electronic smoking costs must less than tobacco cigarette smoking. In fact, modern smoking costs only 30% of traditional smoking in dollar terms. Many habituated smokers have expressed their satisfaction in this regard. They agree that now they are free from ailments resulting from tobacco cigarette smoke, and that they are saving money on smoking expenditure, reveals has much more information on best cigarette alternatives for 2014. Interested users can access the data by logging on to the portal

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