EcigsCorner Speaks on E Cig Cost to Smoke Away Notions of New Users has considerable seniority in writing reviews and offering rankings on different leading brands of electronic cigarettes in market. The portal has been a close observer of electronic cigarette industry from the beginning. It is committed to educate tobacco cigarette smokers on finer points of smokeless smoking by providing right information. Here it talks about e cig cost to clarify doubts raised by several new users.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- New users are often reluctant to take up electronic cigarettes on several grounds. Some feel that the products are too technical for them. Some others are confused in selecting a suitable brand, as there are too many brands of e cigs in market. Still some others think that they cannot afford to buy these modern and technically advanced gadgets, as they are much costlier than their present regular tobacco cigarette brands. E cig cost is a factor that is a big hindrance in attracting tobacco smokers to switch to smokeless smoking. Though technology is involved in making an electronic cigarette, layman can also use it with equal ease, assures

Click Here To Know More About The Best Affordable E Cigs. explains that an electronic cigarette comes with different parts to function. The parts are costly as they are made of quality materials using modern techniques. Manufacturing companies present different items that a new user needs to start electronic smoking in a kit form. They are several types of kits that vary in price. Basic, entry-level kits are cheaper than high end, heavy-duty kits. Smokers who want to switch to electronic cigarettes have to invest good amount of money initially on one of these kits, according to their smoking requirements. The first investment is creating a notion in public that e cig cost is more than the cost of tobacco cigarettes.

Portals like repeatedly reveal that the big investment in kits is a first time investment only. Consumers need not spend much further. All they need to buy in future are replacement cartridges. Electronic cigarettes come with e-liquid stored in cartridges. After giving around 300 puffs of vapors, cartridges become empty. Then users need to either replace or refill the cartridges. These 300 puffs of vapor is equal to smoke that comes from about 30 normal cigarettes, i.e. one and half packs. The average cost of a cartridge is only a fraction of the cost of one and half packs of normal cigarettes. It is clear that e cig cost is far lesser than that of a tobacco cigarette. assures smokers that e cig cost is quite economical and it adds that many smokers who switched to e cigs are saving good money.

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