EcigsCorner Talks Advantages of Having Official Sites of E Cig Brands Like V2 is an influential portal that gives reviews and rankings on several leading brands of electronic cigarettes. The portal is a well-wisher of this nascent industry and aims to educate people on salient features of electronic smoking. It is committed to promote electronic smoking among tobacco cigarette smokers. Here, he talks about official sites such as V2 of different brands.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- says that online presence of an electronic cigarette company is essential these days. Customers of this generation prefer to seek information from web-based sources to traditional media. Hundreds of e cigs hobby portals are on cyber space providing details of popular brands, including their availability, pricing, guarantee policy and other things. Online forums, review sites, comparison sites, savings calculators, and live chat sessions are among most popular platforms for smokeless smokers to share their experiences. Explosive demand for personal smoking devices is possible because of vigorous online activity. Several electronic cigarette manufacturers have set up their own portals like V2 to keep its online visitors informed about latest trends.

V2 is authorized portal of the company. Similarly, every company has an authorized web site. says that these sites are useful as effective advertisements for products and services provided by the brand. Brands can expose specialized features of their products in portals. They can reveal advantages of their products over other products in price, quality, vapor production and battery capacity. They can offer online comparisons with other competing brands and saving calculators in their portals. These portals enable consumers to contact the company directly. Some portals have online chat facilities to answer consumers’ queries. Official web sites are good marketing tools too. Companies offer special deals to online customers. says that the most important function of official web sites such as V2 is to canvass benefits of electronic smoking among people. The explain consumers that vapors that come out of electronic cigarettes are free from foul smell, ash and tar. They are non-intrusive, as they do not annoy others who are nearby. That makes these devices welcome almost anywhere enabling consumers to enjoy authentic smoking experience freely without fear or guilt. People who are addicted to nicotine can have their nicotine and people who are new to smoking can puff away pleasantly flavored vapors without nicotine. By switching to e cigs consumes can avoid smoke related complications like stained teeth, smokers breathe and bad after taste. encourages smokers to visit either V2 or any other official web site of their preferred brand to know further on electronic smoking and its advantages.

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